>that side step pvris does during fire



Ok honestly no disrespect intended although I’m sure I’ll get loads of hate for this, but…

Honestly, I think PVRIS deserved to win the artist of the year award. I’m not saying tøp hasn’t, but PVRIS have totally busted their asses from the start. This year they had their first US headlining tour and just wow they have fucking killed it.
They’ve been touring for more than two years now and WITH a deluxe version of their album. Their FIRST WHOLE ALBUM. And now they’re about to start recording a new one.
They are such humble people. I’m not saying Josh and Tyler aren’t, but let’s cut the shit and admit they’ve done some crappy things in the past. And honestly I don’t think they’re as supportive of minorities as they claim they are.
PVRIS has such good morals. They have worked so so hard and I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of that award. They’re the true winners of it, I think.

Go ahead, send me hate and insults, I don’t care.

If you can’t handle my opinion, that says a lot more about you than me.